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She's a PRO . She would make you learn what is strength over being just lean and skinny . I am such a non active person but her Aura around me while training is a boost . I have changed my perception about being fit because fit doesn't mean starve it means EAT more. I love her , she's your best bet guys. A real motivator!

- Abdul B.


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Shazia has been my personal trainer for the last four months. I am very impressed with her work ethic, knowledge of Kinesiology and her commitment towards her clients.

I have a very busy schedule and always on tight timelines. She is very understanding and have always found her to be available each time I require her assistance.

Within the last few weeks I have seen remarkable improvement in my muscle movement and strength. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

- Farhan M.

- Edil M.


- Zara Sasan

I have to say my first personal training experience with Shazia was amazing. From Day 1 she was professional, friendly and truly was only interested to give her clients what they want and simply cared. My workouts were never boring but instead full of variety and challenged me. I have gained muscle and strength thanks to Shazia continuously motivating me. Personal training with Shazia was one of the best investments I have made!

I've never had a personal trainer and I'm so glad I came across Shazia. Her training style is truly targeted towards your goals. I have never weight trained before but Shazia taught me proper technique and form. She always made me comfortable and helped build my strength. She is very knowledgable and offers great health advice during and after training. I always felt intimidated at the gym when I would try to lift weights. Shazia helped me overcome that and I have noticed a drastic difference in my overall fitness. I would definitely recommend Shazia!

- Nalini M.

Training with Shaz has literally changed my life. When I came to Shaz at her personal training facility, I was skinny and small but now I have a muscular physique and strength. Shazia knows her stuff, and the incidental advice she gave me on diet and lifestyle psychology has again changed my life. I feel that Shaz has taken a personal interest in helping me achieve my goals, and this is why I am taking my time to write a great review for sharif fitness. I can definitely recommend her personal training in Scarborough as it will be money worth spent.

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- Ashita Patel

Assalamualaikum! Shazia is more than a personal trainer. She loves what she does and it shows! From the beginning Shaz made me feel welcomed and comfortable. As a Muslim woman she understands the challenges muslim life may have on a training regimen. With Shazia there is no gimmicks, just passion to help people live healthier lives, backed with years of experience and education.

To all my muslim brothers and sisters, if your looking to get in shape, and you want to appreciate and respect the life you were given and the organic vessel that contains your spirit, then i definitely recommend you work with shazia!