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Let Shaz take care of your MICROS AND MACROS!

In order to get progressive results on the gym floor, our nutrition has to be on point. Life is busy enough without having to worry about what to eat all day.

Sharif Fitness provides nutritional guidance and support through weekly nutrition plans and weight loss programs to give your workouts and energy levels a boost.

A well balanced meal plan will help you get rid of the long lasting stubborn 10 POUNDS while adding muscle to achieve the physique you have been waiting for!


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Our team of experts led by a Registered Dietitian (M.S.c. in Sports Nutrition), will prepare weekly meal plans for you.

If you're satisfied with your current exercise program but feel the need for the EXTRA PUSH with nutrition, then this is the right program for you!

Good nutrition will prevent 95% of all diseases. Nutrition is far more responsible for creating your shape and your health that you ever could have imagined.

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