And the BEST well educated Personal Trainer!

Coach Shazia holds 2 post-secondary degrees, majoring in Gender, Women & Sexuality studies and Kinesiology. After working as personal trainer for just a few months, she went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology!

Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Shazia was involved in many community development projects focusing on empowering high risk community members to break the cycle of poverty. She worked for many grass roots organizations helping individuals overcome structural barriers and challenges.

Shazia is very passionate about strength training. Her feminist background drives her passion to empower her clients to be strong rather than simply skinny.

Her training approach is more clinical than superficial. She encourages people to be the best they can be on an individual level. She is often known to say “The only competition should be with yourself and no one else”. Shazia is a very holistic and organic trainer whose training focuses on Bio-mechanics, muscular balance and posture.

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Coach Shazia is the SPORTS type!

 ​Shaz was always active in sports and arts. Competing at a semi-professional level.

Track and field was her sport of choice. She competed in 100M’s, 400M’s, High Jump, Hurdles and running long jump to name a few.

She also enjoys singing and dancing!

​​​​​​Shazia J. Sharif,BSc(KIN), CPT, PTS, YFC.

Shazia J. Sharif

Toronto's multicultural Personal Trainer!

​​Shazia is fluent in 4 languages. English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Her experience ranges in training all genders from different age groups and a variety of fitness and ethnic backgrounds. She has worked with individuals with mental health issues such as addiction, anxiety, and depression, as well as physical conditions such as cancer remission, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

Shazia is the GO TO trainer for all spectrums of training. From advanced training to beginners who have never set foot in a gym. She specializes in training brides to be, pre and post-pregnancy fitness, noticeable weight loss, strength training, kickboxing training, improving mindset and mental health, sports specific training and much more!

Toronto's TOP Personal Trainer!

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​​​Founder & Owner Sharif Fitness.​​

About Shaz:

​​Shazia Sharif, Certified Personal Training Specialist and Kinesiologist, is a dedicated fitness professional who's passion for helping and motivating people has laid the framework for one of the most successful online and in studio training systems in North America! 

Backed by her extensive educational background and years of professional experience in fitness and sports training; from rehabilitation services, sports specific training, post pregnancy programs, online coaching, one on one training, bootcamps and group training. 

At Sharif Fitness we pride ourselves on being the most inclusive fitness providers in the industry.

Shazia is a very unique and talented individual.

​​At Sharif Fitness we provide One on One In-Home, In-Studio, Bootcamps, Group sessions, Nutritional Counselling and Online Training services. Born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and raised in Toronto, Canada. Shazia is a mother of 3 children and understands too well the complexities of motherhood. As a working professional and sole support parent, Shazia can relate to the challenges of balancing work life/family life and self-care.

Toronto's BEST Personal Trainer!

 Coach Shazia is a highly motivational, extremely positive individual. Her story is one of courage, determination, empowerment and hardship. She is a down to the earth, mature, knowledgeable individual who truly cares about people.

She has a natural gift in bringing out the best in others and this is instantly evident from the first time you meet with her and throughout your training/transformation. Her energy and positivity are contagious. She is charismatic, uplifting and supportive. Her non-judgmental attitude creates an instant bond of trust.